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FontGenius : Identify Fonts

Identify Fonts in Images

FontGenius examines pictures and identifies typefaces of any text within a picture. Using advanced recognition technology, FontGenius will produce a list of likely fonts that match selected characters within an image, and will generate character previews of the matched fonts.

An internet search can also be performed on the list of results to locate, purchase, and download matched fonts.

• Identify fonts in any picture
• Search & download matched fonts

"If you need to identify fonts from printed or online samples, FontGenius is the best option available." - MacWorld Magazine

FontGenius for Macintosh

How It Works

With the wide availability of so many different font designs, it can sometimes be difficult to identify particular fonts. There seems to be no easy way to identify fonts used in photographs, print, and on websites. FontGenius examines images and will identify the font family of text within a picture.

The built-in features include advanced recognition technology that allows FontGenius to produce a list of fonts that most closely match selected characters within an image, previews of matched fonts, and internet search of matched results to locate, purchase, and/or download fonts from online font vendors.

fontgenius options window

FontGenius generates a list of likely matches that can be downloaded, previewed, or even shared with your friends and co-workers with Twitter and E-Mail.


Image Control Tools

FontGenius includes a collection of useful tools to help optimize your images for better identification.

Auto Adjust

The Auto Adjust feature quickly evaluates image color and adjusts for optimimum font identification

Brightness & Contrast

Quickly adjust image colors by hand so typography stands out for faster and more accurate identification.

Scale & Rotate

Scaling and Rotation tools provide an efficient way to work with smaller or rotated images.

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FontGenius for Macintosh

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